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March 12, 2013

Where Do You Want to Send It?

I often receive questions about how to change the "Send To" items which are found when you right click a file and scroll down to "Send To."   Some people feel there are too many items; others believe there are too few. Then there are those who don’t see the particular one they would prefer.  You may find some of these listed as options: Compressed (zipped) Folder, Desktop (create shortcut), Mail Recipient, My Documents, CD Drive or Fax Recipient (in my opinion the least used/useful of any).  The "Send To" feature has been around since Windows 95.  I previously wrote about it in XP days; however, it has significantly changed.

First, you need to decide what you want to do.  In this example we will plan two things; first a removal from the list, then we will add an item.

remove Fax RecipientWe will remove the "Fax Recipient" item from the list.  I have never met anyone who has a use for it and I bet you do not either. 

For real fun hold down your shift key and right click on a file.  While still holding the shift key go to the "Send To" link and see what you get…yes, everything Microsoft thinks you may possibly want.  In my opinion, there are way too many options.





You will need to find out where the links to these items are stored on your computer.  The hard way is to go to "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo."  Before you stop reading let me tell you the easy way to get there.  Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your desktop and type, "shell:sendto" without spaces and without the quotes.  After pressing the Enter key a folder will open with all of your default "Send To" areas.

Next, the really easy part awaits you.  To remove an item like "Fax Recipient" you right click the item and choose delete.  You may delete it the way you normally delete files…whatever makes you happy.  Immediately after you delete it from the list, try right clicking on a file again, scroll down to "Send To" and you will notice the item you delete will be gone.

For our added item we will add the "My Pictures" folder since you may find it very convenient to add pictures directly to that folder. 

Path for PhotosGo to the, "shell:sendto" folder again.  Yes, the same place you were before.  Right-click in an empty area of that folder and select "New" and "Shortcut."  Next to the textbox that states, "Type the location of the item," click the "Browse" button.  To find the pictures folder, click your username, scroll down and click on "My Pictures," then OK.  For the final step you can use the name entered for you.  In this case, "My Pictures" or you can change the name to whatever you want. To finish it off, click "OK." 

If you accidentally delete one of the items and want it back, open your "Recycle Bin." Find the one you removed, right click it and choose "Restore."  It will be added back to the list.

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