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August 15, 2017

OneNote & Clipper

In 2014, I wrote about a newer Microsoft application called OneNote.  It was and is still an excellent free program.  Even if you do not have Office you can still get OneNote for free.  Go to to read all about it.  Also note that OneNote comes with a preinstalled version in Windows 10.  It is not quite the full version but you can get the entire thing by going to this much shortened link,  It is also available for most smartphones, PCs, Macs and most any device that can connect to the internet.  Yes, both OneNote (also most of the Office apps) and Clipper are available on the cloud at

Visit Office online

If you gather information for any reason, i.e. article research, recipes, sports, or simply thoughts, OneNote is something at which you should take a serious look.

OneNote uses an organizational process you may be familiar with – a paper notebook, like you used in school…no matter when you graduated.  Your OneNote notebooks consist of Sections and Pages.  I research columns and put related ideas, files, pictures, links and entire webpages in a section for each specific article idea.  Over time I have built up a lot of information.

I can copy and paste most anything into OneNote, including pictures of any kind.  Something interesting to mention is that most graphics you put in OneNote which have text on them are searchable.  It takes a while converting the graphic text to actual text in the background.  Think how helpful that could be.  You can paste the link to YouTube and most any other video site into a page and the video will be added to the page in OneNote and be fully playable on that page, with a link back to the original.

You can get much more detail on OneNote online, Google for it.  But now onto OneNote Clipper (also easy to find more about online).

Clipper is a browser add-on that started out about three years ago which makes OneNote even more productive.  Add it to your browser which is a very simple process in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, which are the ones I tested it on.  It can also be installed on Edge but in my opinion, it was too convoluted to mess with.  It does not work on all browsers.  Next, you must have a free Microsoft account.  If you do not have one, go to and signup for an email account. Then you get all of Office online.

OneNote for Chrome page

Clipper allows you to “clip” anything you see on a website and add it automatically to a notebook.  You see a site you want to include in your research, click the Clipper icon in your favorites bar then choose either “Full Page“, “Region“, “Article” or “Bookmark.”   Full Page gives you a screen shot of the entire web page, however links do not work. A link to the original page is provided. Region allows you to convert a selected area of the page to a graphic.  Article grabs the textual information making all links active in the page.  Finally, Bookmark, which will add a link to the original page and a few words from the site.

Screenshot of OneNote Clipper in use

Your choice is then added to a notebook you select. Go check it out and enjoy!

April 13, 2010

Advanced Screenshots

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I had quite a few emails after the screenshot column last week about the print screen key.  Thanks for emailing me and please keep them coming!  A couple of them inspired this column.  Send them to me any time… they often make great columns. You will not usually see extremely specific questions answered here since they do not affect nearly as many people.

One very astute reader asked why I said you had to hold down the "Prnt Scrn" key for a second or so.  They stated that they only had to press theirs for a split second and it would copy the screen.  The reason I said longer than a split second is that some (usually older) PCs required that. However, on newer computers you can usually press the key quickly.  Try yours both ways to see which works for you.

The DoubleClicks Facebook Fan-pageNext, a couple of readers stated having seen that I sometimes added arrows, text, boxes,  circles, etc. to screen shots on my site.  They wanted to know how to do that.  OK, I do not use the "Prnt Scrn" key all by itself.  I actually use a program called SnagIt ( Go to the Techsmith website and scroll down to the bottom left of the page you will see the link for the product.  It is $49.95 but will also allow you to record videos of your screens.  For me it is worth the cost of a license when they upgrade only once every several years.

There are also several other free screen capture utilities out there.  Use your favorite search engine ( and for me) to see what you can find. is also good. I have used it for making videos of screens as well.  Be advised, screen videos are sometimes complicated to create.

For stills you can even use a program like Microsoft Word.  If currently own Word, you can add effects like arrows, lines and many more to any graphic for free.

With Word, you first copy and paste the screenshot into a Word document using the "Prnt Scrn" and "Ctrl + V" keys we talked about last time.  Then you can size it as you desire with the sizing handles.  Once that is done you may use some of the advanced features under the "Insert" commands.  Play with them to see all of the available options.

You will be creating your own graphics in no time.

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