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July 1, 2014

Bad and Good Customer Relations

If I have a bad customer experience I do not write about it.  I learned this about 14 years ago when I was new to the writing business.  At that time, I wrote about a product which many people were downloading, using and loving.  However, I found that it was recording what you did and where you went online and sending your browsing information to large retail chains.  I was thanked by many of you for the warning as you uninstalled it.  Within two weeks I received an email from their corporate lawyer threatening a lawsuit.  Now me, being a regular guy who has never used a lawyer except for closing on a home and had never been threatened by "the law" was concerned.  I did not have a lawyer to represent me due to lack of funds. I did not respond and a week later their counsel sent me a free copy of their paid application and asked me to install it, reevaluate it and to immediately issue a retraction of my previous article.  If not I would have to take on their huge team of corporate lawyers.  

I had written about the free version of the app which was all the rage.  So I installed the paid app and checked it thoroughly.  Guess what?  It was as pure as the driven snow, worked great and sent no information to the retailers.  However, I did not trust the situation so I uninstalled that one, reinstalled the free application and tested again.  It was still sending my browsing information to about 25-30 retailers.

I recorded all the information I could to prove my point.  I made screen shots with dates of the test, a video of the install along with the testing procedure I made a list of all of the retail stores involved.  I sent this via email to the attorney including the information it had gathered about me during the one day test.  The email stated if they decided to sue me and make me issue a retraction I would.  However, I would include all of this information in my final column before I went down.    

Customer Service checkboxs

Wait for it…I never heard another word back from them.  Glad that is over!

But now on to my great customer service experience this week.  My Google Nexus 7 (I wrote about ten months ago) started having an issue.  I called Google’s toll-free customer service number.  After poking the standard 2-3 buttons to get to the correct group I was informed there would be a 5-10 minute wait.  Soon afterward Logan answered the phone, asked my name and a few other verification questions and I was on my way.  By-the-way, he spoke with a clearly understandable voice (I later asked and found he was in Pennsylvania).

Within five minutes we were well on the way to resolving the issue.  It is something that will need to be verified over a week or two.  He sent me an email with three possible fixes to make sure my issue was resolved.  He also told me that my one year guarantee would be up in 6 weeks. However, Google has a policy stating if you call in a problem before your guarantee period is up they will continue to help you until the issue is resolved, including replacing the device if needed.  

Can you believe that kind of customer service and backing by this large a company?  I can’t.

March 2, 2013

Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse

  • I have owned approximately 7-8 wireless mice over the years, including ones for my wife.  
  • I am currently using the Logitech M310 on my Latitude D620 notebook.
    • I have used it extensively for about two years.
  • I bought it to replace a worn out Microsoft  Wireless 3000, with the big USB receiver shown below in black & white.
  • User Manual.


Logitech M310 & USB Plug Logitech M310 bottom open   Microsoft 3000 Wireless Mouse

  • Starting at the top the first thing you notice is the small receiver which I prefer much more than the older MS mouse…for very obvious reasons. 
  • The M310 is for lefties or righties so if you use either hand or are ambidextrous you are covered. 
  • They come in multiple colors of which mine is blue.
  • The left and right buttons large and have a division down the middle but no back slot since they are flexible and seem to be solidity built.
  • On the bottom you can see that there are the standard drag-pads as with most modern wireless mice.
  • An “On-Off” slider switch.
  • The “Invisible Optic” port that takes the place of the old mouse ball.
  • The battery compartment is opened by pushing and sliding the cover out of the way.
  • One AA battery powers the mouse.
  • A space is provided to store the USB receiver when needed.


Per the list above, you may not care to but I leave the USB receiver in one of my USB ports 24/7/365 with never an issue…other than taking up a port.  I have four ports on this computer so it really has never created a problem for me.

The shape is fine, pretty standard other than the left or right design.  I have issues with carpel tunnel syndrome from time-to-time and this does not bother that any more or less than other mice…I wish there was one that was an anti-CT version (fantasy).

The buttons work well, easy to click but firm.  I have read one review where the person got a little into saying that they were too easy to click.  I think they may just have had very heavy fingers.  As with most the scroll-wheel also allows push click for other uses.  I never change mine from the default so I cannot comment about other uses.

The “On-Off” switch works easily and never by accident.  There is a sleep mode to conserver battery life.  When it has not been used for a period of time the mouse/battery shutdown.  However, I have to say that I have rarely forgotten to turn the mouse off after I use it.  I am not that smart just hyper about batteries.  I would figure that the sleep-mode works but how would you know for sure.  I have never noticed a lag as if it were waking from sleep, so no complaints there.

The battery life on mine is excellent and in the two years I have used it I have replaced the battery once.  I do not use it everyday but I would bet I use it about as much as the average user.


These mice are currently listed on Logitech’s site at $29.99; however, I got mine much less than that when it was on sale at the local Target store.  Look around and see if you are interested. 

I always suggest you look in your local “brick & mortar” stores and buy there to help your local community.  You can sometimes find good deals online too.  Just do not forget to include the cost of shipping and handling.


I would rate it an 8.5 out of 10 as it is a good mouse that does exactly what it should.  For me it has performed better than expected.  I always expect some problems or design flaws but this one really works for me. 

I would like to see it improved by having a more positive sleep mode so that you really “know” that your battery is being saved.  Yes, I know this may be a weird issue, but guess I am just an inquiring mind.

Any thoughts?

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