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November 7, 2017

Wait, Stop That Email

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I know I have been writing about Google products for the last couple of months.  Since they are the number one free email provider in the world that makes sense…for me anyway.  Today we will talk about one that many have asked me about over the years… the “oops” button (my lingo). Not just for Google’s Gmail but Microsoft’s (Hotmail, Live and as well.  They are respectively, the first and second most popular free email services online.

Pretend you just sent your boss an email telling him you have had it.  As you hit “Send” you freak out and know you should not have done it.  What can you do?  Well you could start packing up your office in a box.

You may also have the option of recalling that email.  It is available in both Gmail and accounts.  It is also available in the Outlook application that you or your office may use.  Today we will talk about the online versions.  If you need to know how to use it in Outlook application check with your support team.  I agree Microsoft has overused the word “Outlook” in too many areas that are email related but different products.

In both and Gmail you have the ability to not recall exactly but to cancel an email delivery.

In Gmail click the menu gear on the upper right corner of your screen then click Settings, shown below.

Settings Control for Gmail

You should be at the General tab, if not select that one.  Scroll down to the fifth item “Undo Send” and look to the right.  There you will find two controls.  First you check “Enable Undo Send” then select the amount of time you want to have to make the decision to stop an email.  The minimum is 10 seconds with a maximum of 30.  Once done scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Save changes” button.

Undo Send settings

Now when you send an email from Gmail you will have a 30 second chance to stop the email.  You will have a menu bar appear at the top of the Gmail window which says, “Your message has been sent. Undo View message.”  Click “Undo” and the message will be stopped and opened up.  If you close it you will find it in your drafts folder.  There you can edit it to resend or delete it as you wish.

To set this up in Outlook, click the menu gear icon.  Choose Options at the bottom of the list.  On the left under Mail/Automatic Processing click “Undo send.”  There you will have the same two settings called “Let me cancel messages I’ve sent for:” and the time.  The times are the same as Gmail, 10 to 30 seconds.

Outlook settings                                                                Set up Undo Send in Outlook

At the time of this writing the feature was not available in Yahoo mail, the third most popular free email.  I am surprised at this; however, they all have their pluses and minuses. I read in one of the Yahoo support forums that you save your “questionable” email as a draft and consider sending it before you actually do.  Come on now…really?

August 2, 2016


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OK, last week I know I left you with a tease.  I mentioned Pokémon at the very end.  I do not know how you feel but personally I am tired of hearing about it…whatever it may be. 

Nevertheless, let us explore Pokémon.

The Pokémon started its illustrious career in 1995 and was created by Satoshi Tajiri.  It was a game made specifically for the Nintendo Game Boy. 

PokémonThe idea was that human players were called Pokémon trainers.  Their job was to train the little, chubby, yellow, long eared, soft looking "monsters" to fight each other for fun. "Pokémon" is a combination of two Japanese words, "Poketto" and "Monsut" which is "Pocket Monsters" in English.  That was the beginning and since these creatures were very popular they continued to grow.  Since their creation there have been movies, TV shows, card games, a Pokémon monopoly board game and some knuckleheads even started a Poké religion.

However, a few weeks ago (July 6, 2016) an electronic game "Pokémon Go" appeared on the market, created by a California company, Niantic. It was recently announced that Pokémon Go became the most popular download in the history of video games.  Within 10 days of its release it was downloaded over 21 million times in the U.S. alone. 

The game is a free Android and iPhone, "location-based, augmented reality" game.  To play you first download the app from your perspective game store.  It requires many permissions from your phone.  Some authorizations make sense like photos but others like access to all of your contacts…for me, NO!  This is the reason I have talked to game players and not installed it on my phone.  It seems too invasive for me.

Poké BallBasic gameplay is you walk/run around outdoors looking for Pokémon in the wild on your phone’s screen.  You capture them when you see them by throwing an imaginary Poké Ball at them.  Once you capture them they can battle other Pokémon in the game at Poké Gyms, etc.

The only part I find interesting is this takes place on a real screen with the things your camera sees in real time becoming part of the game.  You may see your Pokémon is running around in your yard, at the mall, in a parking lot, wherever.  If you hit them quickly enough you capture them.  After you capture them they will battle for you to win more Pokémons or lose some of yours.  The goal is to collect all 151 (at this time) types of the pocket monsters.

I have read that problems are abundant with the game.  There have been a few security issues alone with bad guys adding similar apps people download which collect your personal information.  There have been reports of Pokémon Trainers being chased off of other people’s personal real estate looking for the monsters.  There have been many reports of people walking into things, falling down, breaking bones from falling in ditches while chasing Pokémon, etc.

Unfortunately, there have been some car accidents caused by people trying to capture a Pokémon while they should have been watching traffic. 

What is wrong with people today anyway?  I always said computers were making people more ignorant all the time.  In my opinion this game helps prove it.  And this is coming from a computer nerd.

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