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May 2, 2017

May 19, 2014

2014-05-19 WSVA Show Notes

Welcome to today’s Show Notes and Podcast. I hope you enjoy listening and reading what went on today. Not many items covered but many interesting discussions.

Tech News
SA police to verify identities with Android fingerprint scanner
A fleet of 150 Android-powered mobile fingerprint biometric scanners from NEC will be deployed to allow the South Australian police verify identities of suspects on the spot.

Developed, implemented, and managed by NEC Australia’s security and public safety team, the application, which has been on trial since late 2013, consists of a single fingerprint scanner that is paired via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone device. It has been designed to allow police officers to verify a suspect’s identity on the spot in less than 40 seconds.

Police officers scan up to four fingerprints of a suspect and cross-reference the information — via a secure network and 3G/4G mobile data networks — against Australia’s Crimtrac national police reference database, which contains 5.6 million sets of sets of finger and palm records for 3.3 million people.

If the system returns with a ‘hit’, it will show the person’s details, including name, ID, any bail conditions, any outstanding warrants, a current photo, any behaviour characteristics like ‘tendency to be violent’, so that the member can make the appropriate decision on the spot," he said.

It was also said that the technology was designed to reduce the amount of inaccurate identity claims — a frequent challenge that police officers face.

Ron’s Android App Recommendation
(This app can be found on Google Play from your Android phone,
tablet or viewed on your PC from the link below.)

Ever noticed your group photos are always missing the photographer? Groopic solves this age-old problem by seamlessly including your photographer friend in every group photo. No more asking for help from a stranger or setting up a tripod. With Groopic, your pictures have every friend, every time!

The usage is real simple: Take two pictures, mark the photographers and groopic does the magic.

If you would like to know where the stop lights are located check out this site. They have them on the map and what type of camera that is located there, whether Red Light Cameras, Right Turn Cameras, Speed Cameras, Toll Road Cameras all the information is there for you.

As always thanks for paying attention and tuning in! I hope to see you back here next month on June 17th.


February 17, 2014

2014-02-17 WSVA Show Notes

Welcome to the February, 2014 podcast.  Listen to the podcast here and check out some of the sites we talked about below.  Have fun and let me know if you know of something you would like to hear about next month, on March 17, St. Patty’s Day, where I will be wearing my Doyle Tartan Kilt, to bad for you it is radio.

Tech News
The Bacon Bowl
It’s a question that veteran “As Seen on TV” marketer Scott Boilen asked when he was given the opportunity to introduce yet another bacon product to an already crowded marketplace. But Boilen couldn’t resist the invention, a simple gizmo that turns a few strips of bacon into an edible shell. And so the Bacon Bowl was launched by Boilen’s Allstar Products Group via a series of infomercials in late 2013.

In a brief period, Boilen’s New York-based company has sold more than two million units of the $10.99 bacon cooker, making the Bowl a success story potentially on par with the Snuggie, to name Boilen’s biggest “As Seen on TV” hit.

Chromecast by Double Clicks
Chromecast is another great inovation by Google. Get my take on it from a recent article.

NYPD using Google Glass as a crime fighting tool
Google Glass for NYPDTHE New York Police Department is taking a page out of the RoboCop playbook — outfitting cops with Google Glass so a suspect’s life story can flash right before their eyes.

Law enforcement sources told The New York Post department bosses bought a few pairs of the futuristic eyewear and are beta testing them with the hopes of using them out in the field.

“It’s in the early stages,” a source said of the NYPD’s use of the specs. “A handful of people are testing it out.” The high-tech glasses — which integrate a computerised interface into the wearer’s field of vision — could allow cops to instantly see a suspect’s arrest record, mugshot and other key information.

Before Target, they hacked the heating guy
One of the biggest known corporate breaches in U.S. history has been traced to the air-conditioning repairman.

Hackers first broke into Target’s TGT +1.49% network last year by stealing the login credential of a heating-and-air-conditioning contractor, a person familiar with the investigation confirmed Wednesday. The hackers went on to steal 40 million credit and debit card numbers.

There you go for this month. Again, check out the podcast and see if you agree or not with the “Police on Cell Phones” side-track from this morning.

Have a great day!


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