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January 16, 2018

2017 Sites in Review, Part 2

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Today I will continue with the start of the 16th year of "Double Click" by providing more of last year’s links.  If the site addresses are too long for print, I have shortened them using the "" app.  The links are preceded by "" followed by various letters and numbers.  Copy them, then paste them in your browser’s address bar to visit the sites. 

Let us begin in order of appearance. – you know this one as the most used and well-known search engine today. – even with the silly name this is another very popular search engine that uses Google and others to get your searches; however, it does not record your searches as the big boys do. – an add-on to the Microsoft Office Suite allowing you to dictate your Word, PowerPoint and Outlook files. 
OneNote 2016, – download the newest OneNote application from Microsoft if you do not have it already.  This is one of my favorite apps today. 
Feedly, – a good place to gather and read all of your RSS feeds from your favorite sites.
Daily News-Record,, CNN, and FOX News, – three great news sources, especially the first one!
Overdrive,,, Scribd, and Hoopla, – several sites where you can get free and paid books and novels to read with a couple allowing audiobooks. – of course one of the better free email accounts but last year I showed you several new tricks for using Gmail.
Google Docs, – a good free MS Word replacement for creating documents.
Online OCR, – an online app that converts a graphic with words printed in it to a text document; Google Docs and OneNote, mentioned above will also perform this task. and Google Calendar, – I showed you how to combine events from FB and put them in your Google calendar and others.
Thunderbird, and Firefox, – Mozilla’s email application and the third most downloaded browser for 2017. 
GO Contact Sync Mod, and Calendar Sync+, – these two applications can be used to sync your Outlook and Google Calendars, also your contacts in the case of the first one. 

Well, there you go from this week and last a review of all of the sites we visited in 2017.  Starting next week, we will be looking at more computer and technology information that will help you have a Happy Tech 2018! 

January 9, 2018

2017 Sites in Review, Part 1

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It seems like it has been a while since the last time I wrote to you but I hope you have had a couple of good 2018 weeks and have about 50 more!

It is hard to believe but today we begin the 17th year of the "Double Click" column.  I want to thank all of you for reading the approximately 800 articles and writing in response.  Again, thanks for the emails I continue to receive.  Not only does it let me know the articles are actually being read but I really enjoy talking to you (and getting new article ideas from you).  So please keep them coming!  

This January (as every year) I will be reviewing the sites I wrote about during the previous year.  If the site addresses are too long for print I have shortened them using the "" app.  The links will be preceded by "" followed by various letters and numbers.  Copy them, then paste them in your browser’s address bar to visit the sites (caps count). 

So, here they are in their order of appearance with short descriptions of each.

Facebook Settings, – you can read my article for details but I show you how to make a few important changes to your security in FB.
Facebook Deletion, -  where you go to totally delete your Facebook account…if you have had enough.
Chrome Extensions, chrome://extensions – this works ONL:Y in the Chrome browser – go here to add extensions which allow you do perform specific functions in Chrome. 
Surface Pro Computers, – get information on the latest Microsoft computers sales and data available at Google.
Netflix, – you know this one, check out movies, TV and more for monthly fee.  
Amazon, – I know you know this one as you have most likely purchased or gotten something from there just a recently.
PayPal, – where you can securely make online payments for most anything online.  
FBI (Internet Crime Complaint Center), – both are places to check and report online problems.
US Government Online Safety, – get more help and information about online scams.
Pocket, – a place to record sites that you visit and wish to visit again later.
Annotary, – similar to Pocket with more features like making notes and highlights to those sites.
Google Maps, – maps and more along with being able to track your friends/family (
Alternative To, – check this site to find less expensive or free applications for other more expensive ones.
Libre Office, – one of the top Office applications available for free today.
Dropbox, – my favorite online cloud storage site.
Lucid Charting, – a free alternative app for Visio for making charts, obviously.
7-Zip, – an application which allows you to combine files into one larger file to store or send where you can also add password protection.
Gimp, – a great photo/graphics editor; however, there is a large learning curve.
Belarc Advisor, – find out all the information about your computer with this application and probably more than you need to know.

See you next week for the last half of 2017 in review. 

November 21, 2011

2011-11-21 WSVA Show Notes

Here you go another exciting (well OK hopefully interesting) thing Jim and I looked at this month on the show. 

Below are all of the applications, sites, etc. we talked about plus here is the podcast for your listening pleasure back at WSVA Online.

Have a great month and I  hope you will be listening and calling next month, Monday, December 19th!


Tech News
It’s Okay to Unfriend on Facebook, Emily Post Says
The 18th edition of "Emily Post’s Etiquette"; the quintessential guide to modern manners, has been revised to include seven chapters that cover manners in social media and technology.

Can’t remember if the fork goes on the left and the spoon goes on the right? For perfect P’s and Q’s, you know exactly whom to ask: Emily Post.

But what are the rules when you’re talking with a friend and she whips out her cellphone to check her email, or when someone you never liked in high school suddenly wants to be friends on Facebook? Who’s there to tell you the right thing to do?

    Here are a few of Emily’s suggestions:

  • Never interrupt a conversation to answer a call, email or text.
  • the book says you should always respond within a day or two to personal messages, and within 24 hours for business mails.
  • When in a suitable place to use a cellphone, watch your volume, tone and language.
  • The book frowns upon cellphone use in a place of worship, theater, or restaurant, or during a meeting or presentation.
  • If you’re expecting an urgent call, you should set your device to vibrate and check it later, or move to a private space and speak as quietly as possible.
  • You also don’t have to continue contact with a Facebook “friend” after the initial reconnection conversation, and it’s perfectly acceptable to actively unfriend someone, untag yourself from photos, or delete a friend’s comment from your page.

Physicians using tablets to treat patients
Within the next year, almost half of all doctors will be using tablets and other mobile devices to perform everyday tasks, such as accessing patient information in electronic medical records (EMRs), according to the survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a nonprofit group.

Today, a quarter of healthcare providers surveyed say they’re using tablets in their practice. Another 21% indicated they expect to do so within a year.

The study shows that more than half of healthcare professionals currently use a smartphone for work, and about a third use their smartphones or tablets to access EMR systems. Another 20% expect to start mobile usage with Emergency Medical Records within the next year.

Any doctors in our area have any thoughts?

Retail Me Not
Coupon codes, printable coupons, grocery coupons for Christmas-or any other time!

Advice from the pros: For extra secret sales and discounts, get the company’s store credit card as many promotions are for card holders, only. HOWEVER–don’t be tempted to run up that charge card! Any savings you initially make will be lost if you are paying off a high interest rate.

1 Sale a Day
Every 23 hours they run another sale of four or more items. They are categorized as Electronics, Watches, Family and Jewelry.

Be cautious as sometimes they have good deals and other times just so-so deals.

Google Music
Do you have an iPod, iPad, Tablet PC, SmartPhone and on-and-on that you have music on? If so you have to try Google Music.

I have been using Google Music, during the Beta trail, for the past month or two and it is slick.

I have uploaded all of my music to the site (about 2,500 songs and books) and can play it from most anywhere I can get online. Whether phone, tablet any computer, etc. They have a limit of up to 20,000 songs to be uploaded, stored and streamed (played online) for free.

They also have a store to buy more music at some very good prices. I think Google may have bet the competitors with this one.

See you next month and don’t forget to follow Double Clicks on Twitter and Facebook!

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