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August 22, 2017

Be Fed Your Favorites

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Do you get up every morning and go to your phone or tablet to read the latest news and information?  If so, do you have those favorite one, two or 20+ sites you visit to get the latest news?  There is an easier way to do this without visiting each site individually which you should try.  I have mentioned RSS feeds in Double Clicks once or twice before in 2013; however, things are always changing.  RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”  There is a site that has been around for a while and it has improved RSS feeds with age.  As a matter of fact you do not have to know much about RSS any longer to benefit from them.

Check out Feedly

That site is Feedly (  I have been using it for years and it is very convenient for keeping up with the news in which I am interested.  First when you visit the site you need to create a Feedly account with an email address or associate either your:  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Evernote or an Enterprise (your company must sign up) information to login.  I have been using my Google account association for years with no adverse effects.

Once you are logged in we know you read the Daily News Record so in the, “What source do you want to follow?” box, type in, “,” then wait for a few seconds and look below where you typed.  You will see (currently) two links.  Notice under the dark titles you will see, “13 followers / 1503 articles per week.”  Since this link is more active you should probably choose that one.  I would not worry about the number of followers stated as it is not very accurate.  Once it is added to your collection you will have each article posted on the DNR site sent to your Feedly page and can read a portion of the articles there or click the link to go to the DNR site.

Sample Feedly Page

Try a large news site ( or and you will see many different feeds arranged by titles/topics.  Click the “Follow” button to the right site of the ones you are interested in and read the new posts anytime you wish.

If you click on the RSS feed links on a site you will see gibberish, below.

Click to see the detail of an RSS page-unreadable to most

Once you click to read an article it will gray out that post to mark it read.  You may also click the small checkmark to the right of the article to mark it read.  The next time you load Feedly previously viewed posts will be gone to make room for all the new articles.  You can click a link to save them to read later and they will remain.

You may see a RSS link on any website and if it interests you click that link, copy the URL after it loads and add that to Feedly.  As that page updates you will get the new info.  Some people like to read Google News.  If you are one of them you can add their news posts to Feedly also.  For example, go to the news section in Google for “Technology,” scroll to the bottom of the page and click the RSS link.  Now copy that URL in your browser’s address bar and add it as a new feed to Feedly.  You will now start getting immediate updates to that news feed.

There are many other options for Feedly so test them out when you can.  None of them will permanently destroy anything so click at will without fear.

May 1, 2012

Android Apps, Part 2

Last week I wrote about some of the Android apps I use on my tablet and phone.  I asked you to let me know if you liked what you read.  If so, I would add to the list.  First, thanks for all the comments and second, here are the next ones in my list.

Also, keep in mind that all of the apps I mention here today can be easily found at Play Google using your Android device(s).  If you want to check them first on your computer go to, where you may also install them on devices from your PC.

To review, we covered these last week: Nook for Android, Barcode Scanner, Bible, Evernote, Facebook, Fox News, Moon+ Reader Pro and Office Suite Pro.

Here is the next batch.

Google Reader – This is one of my favorites. It allows you to keep up with all the latest news and information which interests you through RSS feeds.

Seesmic – This is for Twitter and Facebook reading, updating, etc.  It was one of the first. The market says it is still one of the best of these types of apps.  If you use both of these social networks it is good to have them in one place for access.

Soundhound – You are anywhere and hear a song.  You want to know what it is since it brings back fond memories or you want to buy it.  Within a few seconds this app identifies that song! Of course it gives you the lyrics, album cover and where to purchase it online along with other info about it, once the song is found.

StumbleUpon – this is one of the easier ways to discover new and interesting things from across the Web.  Tap the "Stumble!" button or add categories that intrigue you to discover photos, videos, web pages and more.  They are from recommendations of people sharing your interests.

TV Listings – This one’s function should be obvious.  There is also TV Guide; however, I prefer the way this looks.

USA Today – another news magazine app which keeps you up-to-date on their version of the news.  I like the Tech section best.

Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in many languages.  Great informational data; however, it can be written and edited by most anyone online, so I don’t recommend it for concrete proof of anything. 

WordPress – this is for only the truly geeky of us out there.  If you have a WordPress blog you can use this app to write new posts, edit content, and manage comments on your site.

Yahoo! Sportacular – for those of you who know me well you may be amazed that I mention anything to do with sports; however, I do have a passing interest in some.  This app allows me to watch the sports and teams which interest me with as much or as little info as I want.

Keep those cards and letters coming! (Ok, emails.)

April 24, 2012

Android Tablet Apps

I always receive emails from Android users asking what apps I like to run on my phone and tablet.  I always have to insert when I mention phones that I work for NTELOS Wireless, so there you go.

Anyway, I thought instead of writing each person individually for a while I would tell you all here.  I know many in world like iPhones and all they offer, but I am an Android lover so I won’t mention them much.  However, NTELOS started carrying iPhones just last week so when I get a hold of one my opinion may change slightly… nah.

imageI wrote an article about some apps back in January of this year but these are always changing.  For instance, then it was called the Android Market;s now it is named Google Play and found at a different URL:  I guess one of the reasons the name changed is now you can purchase more than just Android apps.

OK, here is my list of apps I use and like most.  There are others that may do the same things but I like these or have not heard of the others yet. So if you have suggestions please shoot me an email and let me know.

All of these can be found on Google play if you search for them.

Nook for Android – if you are a Barnes and Noble e-book reader you can use this app to read on your phone or tablet PC instead of your nook.

Barcode Scanner – Scan barcodes on products and look up prices and reviews. Also QR for websites, information, contact, etc.

Bible – (by LifeChurch) great bible app with many versions.  You can study; use an annual reading plan and more.

Evernote – this app lets you take notes, photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, etc.  You can then make them searchable and sync them across most platforms so you can find them anywhere.

Facebook -I cringe recommending this since I am not a fan, but lots of people use it, even me on rare occasions. 

Fox News – I am not much into news but this app works well and that’s the news for now.

Moon+ Reader Pro – You know me; I don’t like to pay for apps, but pay for this one I did. It reads all non-DRM e-books.  There is also a free version to try out.

Office Suite Pro – OK, here’s another I like so well I actually pay for the full version. This replaces Microsoft Office on your Android devices. It does a better than average job of it, too.

See you next week with a few more.  Remember let me know if you have some favorites!

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