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April 3, 2012

Search Tips for Google

After that past few weeks of touting many of Google’s features I received an email from Iris asking about some tricks in using standard old Google search.  Since that is what started it all for Google I figured sure, so today I am going to share some Google search tricks which may be very useful to you.  I have been using some of these for years and some were offered up by some geek friends of mine, so enjoy!

If you like these please email and let me know you would like to see some more or share your Google tricks with me.


Say you want to purchase something in a certain price range.  Try, "Android Tablet $300…$400".  Notice two or three periods will work.  This will list the tablets available online between those low/high prices.  Keep in mind; all of these specialized searches will degrade as you go down the list, so I would look mainly at the top ten or less in the resulting lists.  Use your own judgment.  Also, something a little strange about some of these searches, you actually need to press the ‘Enter’ key after entering them in search.

Google can recognize many of the major file types using their advanced search.  This would include, but is not limited to, the Microsoft Office Document types like, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPS, etc. along with Lotus, PostScript, Shockwave Flash, plain text files and others. So if you wanted to find a MS PowerPoint file regarding orchids try, "American Orchids filetype:pps".

Now if you are looking for a document of any type with specific words in the title of it, try, "intitle Bohemian Rhapsody".  Need to know where area code, "919" is located?  Just type it in the search box and see.  You will most likely get a map of the are too.

Are you in Va. Beach and thinking about going to a movie?  Try, "movies 23456" for a listing of movies and theaters in that zip. 

You are waiting for a friend to arrive on a flight?  If you know the carrier and the flight number try it, "United 1657."  If you typed everything correctly you will see the top result with arrival times, etc.

imageHow about the weather for anywhere in the world?  It can be as simple as, "weather 22980" or more detailed like, "weather Paris."  It will guess at which Paris you mean, but if it is Paris, VA, just enter that for your search.  And if you want to know the current time in those places all you need to do is replace "weather" with "time."  Try Los Angeles or even Richmond, VA and see if it works.

OK, only a couple more before I run out of space.  Do not forget to let me know if you like these and want a few more!

Check any of your stock prices by just typing in the company ticker symbol ntls, msft,  or goog for a couple of examples.

Here is the last one for today.  Need the definition to a word?  Type, "define synonym."  The top of the search list will hold a full or partial definition.

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