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July 23, 2014

Your Abandoned Smartphone May Betray You

(from TechNewsWorld,

By Richard Adhikari

Your Abandoned Smartphone May Betray YouThat phone you so callously turned over to another may be harboring some of your secrets — and it may be all too willing to spill its guts. An examination of 20 used phones purchased on eBay turned up more than 1,500 family photos of kids, 750 photos of women in various stages of undress, and more than 250 selfies of men’s nether regions, according to Avast.

Doing a factory reset to wipe the data off smartphones does not work, and the data can be recovered, warned Avast .

The company recovered tons of data, including more than 40,000 stored photographs, from 20 used Android phones purchased from eBay.

Device owners need to overwrite their files to make them irretrievable, Avast said, touting one of the applications it offers.

Get more information here and see how to prevent this from happening to you.

July 18, 2011

2011-07-18 WSVA Show Notes

Here are the sites/news mentioned this morning on the show.  As always your comments are appreciated.See you next month!


Tech News
LulzSec Hackers Gone, but not without a parting shot
Jim and Ron’s discussion, Last month we talked about them hitting the Senate, game and FBI sites…this month they are gone."A LulzSec member told the Associated Press that the group was “bored” and denied that it was stopping its public attacks because of pressure from law enforcement. He did, however, say that some of the chat logs and information about hackers’ identities was correct."

They did pop data into the world at the end which included documents from the game Battlefield Heroes, plus internal documents from AOL and AT&T. According to the Next Web site, the release also has evidence that the group hacked the U.S. Navy, the NATO online bookshop and the FBI’s Web site. The files also include a hodgepodge of corporate and other IP addresses, usernames, passwords and other log-ins from and other, unnamed sites.

Google’s self-driving car gets a green light from Nevada
The New York Times did some digging last month and discovered that the company had been lobbying the Nevada state legislature to allow for autonomous cars to be driven on public streets. The proposal was slated to be introduced as two separate bills that would not only make them street legal, but also exempt the vehicles from a law prohibiting texting while driving.Nevada passed a bill for the Department of Motor Vehicles to create guidelines for “autonomous vehicles” that rely on artificial intelligence to get around on state roads. Come March of next year, state officials will start to iron out car certification standards, insurance requirements and other regulations for robotic cars. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles will also determine which areas the cars can be driven.

It most likely will not occur next year or so, but not far off.

Airline Pilots Ditch Paper for iPads and Save Millions in Fuel
Doling out gadgets may seem more like a recruiting perk than a sustainability decision, but pilots have to carry up to 35 pounds of paper with them in the cockpit on each flight. Swapping out those manuals, maps, and other documents to lighten the load could add up to $1.2 million in fuel savings, according to American Airlines.

So far American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are the only ones doing this.

It has fairly accurate play and no one can scream at you, etc. You can only respond with safe messages to each other, i.e. Nice shot, Well played, Oops, Good Game, etc.

And beside all of that it is just fun!

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