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January 12, 2016

2015 Sites in Review, Part 2

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If you have been keeping up you know that last week we looked at all the sites I wrote about for the first half of 2015.  Today we continue by starting with July. 

Thanks for the many emails I received about the article and please keep them coming.  Enjoy!

  • VLC Player, – in my opinion this is one of the best video and audio players available. It plays any version of video and audio with no issues.
  • 8GadgetPack, – if you miss the old Windows gadgets like time, stock prices, etc. on your desktop this brings back these features and more. 
  • Dropbox, and, – again, in my opinion some of the best free "cloud" storage available (use the links above and get some extra space).
  • CCleaner & Defraggler, – two of my must have utilities for a windows PC one cleans old files and junk files the other is a better "defragger" application that the one that comes with Windows.
  • Malwarebytes, – great app that fights to protect your computer.
  • FileHippo App Manager, – this app updates many of your applications to make sure you have the latest secure versions.
  • 7-Zip, – a good zipping application used to unzip downloaded files and also zip your files to save storage and password protect them if needed.  
  • Thunderbird, – an email application where you can use multiple email accounts all in one organized place.
  • – everything Microsoft.
  • Cortana, – many questions answered about the new Windows 10 search/voice interface.
  • Wi-Fi Sense, – Wi Fi Sense automatically connects you to Wi Fi, so you can get online quickly in more places.   However, it may have some drawbacks, check this FAQ for details.
  • Start Menu 8, – put the Windows 7 start menu back on Windows 8.1 and 10; however, for W10 I stick with its default menu and it works well. 
  • Google Products, – a listing of all current and deceased Google products, some I really miss.
  • Calendar Sync +, – an excellent replacement for Google Calendar Sync that many of the Double Click readers really miss.
  • Karenware Replicator, – an excellent manual backup application.  You simply choose the files you want to backup and where you want them placed and let it run.
  • Kmashi 15000mAh, – an exceptional external battery power supply which when fully charged can then recharge your phones, tablets or any other device to full power.  I have had it charge over five devices on one charge. 

And there is the list of sites we visited in 2015. 

Please keep all of those emails coming.  I enjoy helping you with computer problems and also appreciate your suggestions for new columns.  Have a great 2016!

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