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October 27, 2015

Windows 10 Annoyances, Part 10

Windows 10 is not the perfect operating system and has a few things that annoy me.  I figure there are some of you out there who are also annoyed by these things.  Today we will look at a few of these and Windows 10 annoyances  

A nice feature which first appeared in Windows 7 and has continued up to W10 and had a few changes is Windows Snap or Aero Snap.  I find this feature particularly useful when working in two documents or windows simultaneously.  For instance, if I am doing research on the internet for a vacation and I read something and want to put that thought into a Word document I could flip back and forth using key shortcuts or the mouse to go back and forth.  However, I can also use the snap feature on a larger screen to view them both side-by-side each filling half of the monitor.

To do this I can click and drag the browser’s title bar to the right or left side of the monitor. When it touches the edge it will pop into that area from top to the bottom and from the middle of the monitor to that edge.  Then I drag the other document to the other side in the same manner.  A great way to work in multiple windows.  I could also make one of the windows active by clicking anywhere on its title bar and then pressing the windows key and the right or left arrow key at the same time and get the same effect.

DNR Site and this column in Word snappedWindows 10 has added the ability to “snap” windows to the four corners of the monitor.  Therefore, if your monitor is large enough, you can see four documents at one time.  It puts one in each of the four quadrants of the monitor. I like that too.

However, the thing I do not like is that they have added, “Snap Assist” to help you.  I find it unhelpful as it makes all of the other windows on your computer decrease in size and sort of hang there.  When you click one it will enlarge to fill the newly made available space.  I do not care for it since it places them fairly randomly and instead of helping makes it clunky to use.  If you have seen this and do not like it either, here is how to stop the Assist.

Open “All Settings,” (I found “Windows key + I” for this recently) click “System” then “Multitasking.”  Once there I switch the second and third options to the “Off” position then close the System window.  Then I am as happy as I was in Windows 7 since snap returns to “normal.” (Check out my short YouTube video here,

Make Windoes 10 a little fasterSome things seem slower in W10 than before.  If you feel like me, as though your computer is a little slow opening and closing items you can change the animation settings to speed things up.

There is a roundabout way to get there but here is Ron’s quick way.  Press the “Windows key + R”, type “sysdm.cpl” then press enter, (opens the systems panel) click the Advanced tab at the top and under Performance click “Settings.”  Now all you need to do is uncheck “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” then finally, “OK.”  You should notice an increase in speed; although slight in the operation of Windows 10. 

Next week we will take a break from Windows 10 but keep any questions coming and I may write about some of them in the future.

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