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October 6, 2015

Windows 10, Part 7

Today we will see how to change the Windows 10 default browser.

I hear many people do not want to use the new Microsoft Edge browser (the replacement for MS Internet Explorer).  I have read online how hard it is to install the default browser either Google Chrome or Firefox, the two more popular browsers.  Well in my opinion it really is not hard.  I have tried it with both and when I installed them they asked if they could be the default choice and I answered yes after each install.  Now, my default is Chrome but it worked with both.

After the install when I chose either for the default the system took me to the “Defaults apps” location to change it.  If you missed it or want to change any of your default applications, say VLC as your media player it is simple.  Click the Start button and type “Default apps” then click on “Default app settings” and scroll to the one you wish to change.  For this example, click on “Music player” and choose the one you wish to use.  Now all of your music will open in whatever app you choose.  Mine for music and video is “VLC Player.”  You can change your browser and other apps there.  VLC can be downloaded from “” which is my link, so you cannot go wrong.  The following video shows you how to do this (no sound).

I talked about the pluses and minuses of using Cortana, and I personally chose not to.  There is another step you can perform to shut it all the way down.  So to erase Cortana’s data it may have on you and also turn her off, go to “All Settings”, (found by clicking the lined link next to your time/date on the right of the taskbar) “Privacy”, “Speech, inking & typing”, and click the gray button that says “Stop getting to know me.” If the item says, “Turn off”, click it.  If it says, “Turn on”, click out of it as it is already off.

Speaking of Solitaire, OK I was not, but pretend for me.  You now get a large number of Solitaire games with W10.  The Microsoft Solitaire Collection has the standard version “Klondike” along with Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid and TriPeaks.

These are all free; however, you get advertisements for other Microsoft products, for instance, Xbox and the plethora of games it has.  You will also have to log in with your Microsoft account if you want to save your scores for others to see.  But if you say no to the login a time or two you can play to your heart’s content alone…it is called solitaire for a reason, you know. There are daily challenges and more to come in Solitaire like leader boards, but again you must log in to get the MS money credits.

Windows 10 Solitaire

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