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September 15, 2015

Windows 10, Part 4

Wi-Fi Sense

I will continue giving Windows 10 information for the next few weeks. I have received many questions, concerns and requests. So if you have W10 questions (or any tech questions) keep them coming.

Today I have one new warning which depending on your point-of-view could be bad.

Several weeks ago I wrote about linked accounts with Windows 10, check that column for details. If you set up W10 with a linked account you have a new feature added which is not explained in much detail after your setup.

It is, “Wi-Fi Sense” which is all about sharing. There is “good” and/or “bad” written all over this new feature. For an example, say your best friend from college comes over to your house. You have kept up with each other through a few calls and emails over the years.

Since they are in your address book and you used that account to link W10 they can immediately access your Wi-Fi network.  The good is that you do not have to type in or tell them your 47 digit password for your Wi-Fi.  That is very convenient; however, what if it is someone you do not want to give access to your Wi-Fi?  Pretend you have a friend who, unknown to you, was wanted by the NSA for being a major hacker.  You would then have shared your connection with them.  Farfetched on that last one but you know what I mean.  How about your curious grandkid that you do not want surfing the net unless you are with them?

imageI suggest you check it out as it is quite easy to cut off or adjust.  Start by looking on the far right side of the taskbar.  To the left of the time you will see an icon that looks like a box with horizontal lines in it. This is the “Notifications.” Left click the notifications icon, at the bottom of the column you will see “All Settings” and click it.  In the following order now find “Network & Internet” and click.  Then “Wi-Fi” which is most likely already selected.  Scroll down and click on “Manage Wi-Fi settings.”

If you want to entirely stop the feature flip the button by “Connect to networks shared by my contacts.” You may then click by each group you wish to share with; “ contacts,” “Skype contacts” or “Facebook friends.”  You can choose all or none; however, if you do not want any of them sharing your network automatically just flip the button to “Off” and be done with it.

While you are there look at “Connect to suggested open hotspots.”

Microsoft has a database of Wi-Fi hotspots supposedly all over the globe.  They keep it up-to-date by using other users PCs tell them about the safety and other factors of those hotspots.  By that information they decide if it is safe enough for you to use.
I do set this to “On” occasionally.  I like to see what they suggest is a good hotspot.  So far it has been fine, but if I was out of town traveling I do not know if I would be comfortable with their database deciding where I should connect.

If you want to know more about either of these features visit the FAQs at, “” for more information.

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