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August 25, 2015

Windows 10, Part 1

As I mentioned for the last few weeks – today we will start the journey into Windows 10.

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It has had plenty of time to be tested.  Microsoft officially announced “Windows 10” (W10) on September 2014.  Then they started public beta testing or “Technical Preview” in October 2014.  If you have been paying any attention you realize that it was released to the public through a free roll out about three weeks ago on July 29, 2015.  It now comes on all new retail Windows computers.  This is supposedly the last version of Windows to come out, no more XP, Vista, 8.1, 7, etc.  W10 will be updated when needed.

Well, have you taken the plunge yet?  I have asked readers who have installed it to send me questions over the past weeks.  I have received many, so thanks!  Keep them cards and letters rollin’ in!

From my own experience, I have applied W10 to all of my computers, except company owned work systems.  That would be four computers I have updated.  There were no real problems.  However, one of my very old “experimental” systems ran very slowly with 10. I need to note that it also ran very slowly with anything past XP.  I ended up removing 10 from that and putting back Ubuntu which I had previously.

Windows 10 Start Menu areaThe system which upgraded the first day of rollout on the 29th took overnight to complete.  I believe that was due to the major downloads slowing down the process.  The next three took a couple of hours, which I expected.

Per one tech news site there were an estimated 67 million downloads of W10 through August 18th.  The “real numbers” (could be close but no guarantee) should be made by MS the first part of September…we will see.

I have read of some major problems the upgrade caused for some people.  But again with 67 million downloads even a million problems would be less than 1.5%.  A 98.5% average in college would have been alright with me.  I know those of you who dislike MS will frown at that but hey, “haters will be haters.”

There are some things in W10 that are quite nice and other things I do not like at all.  On the Pro side, I find the search functionality to be the best ever.  I can search for any document on my computer with a word or phrase.  In a second or maybe two I have the files listed.  One big Con side item is the start menu.  Yes one similar to Windows 7 (the best in my opinion) is back with a mix of the “tiles” from W8.  It works well, but there is one very big thing I do not like.  More on that next week.

Unfortunately, I am out of space this week but I will add one thing.  If you are happy with W7 or W8.1, I suggest you stay with them for a while until all the bugs are worked out of W10.  If you like learning new things with a few hiccups along the way, upgrade.

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