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February 24, 2015

Google Tricks, Part 2

Last week we looked at several of Google’s "tricks." Harold, from Broadway, VA was the first to ask about more Google tricks from the many emails I received. So today we will look at a few more useful Google features of which you may be aware.

If you are like me you never truly understood how to relate metric measurements with good old USA measurements.  The U.S. customary system was created from English units which were in use in the British Empire before America’s independence. Unfortunately, the British system of measures was refurbished in 1824 which gave us the Imperial system.  In Google, type what you need to convert like this, "14 inches to centimeters" or meters and then vice versa.  You will get accurate info right away.  You can do volume too, like "liters to quarts," etc.

How about finding the definition of a tricky word?  Go to Google and type, "define: jentacular" and do not forget the colon.  Now you know…and now you can go look to see what it is.

Would you like to know where your package is located or when it will arrive?  Try Google by typing the tracking number into the search box.  Google will track Fed-Ex, UPS and USPS to name a few.

Do you have problems with math?  Google again with the formula, even very complicated ones.  Do not forget your parenthesis if needed.

Now here is a neat one I recently discovered.  Try, "set timer to 3:04pm" or "set timer to 6 minutes 32 seconds."  Minimize the window and go about your work, with your volume on.  This works great on your computer, tablet or phone.  You will know when to stop boiling your eggs. 

Want to know when you favorite TV Show is on next, try "NCIS episodes." 

Check NCIS episodes

This one is slick.  Do you have a picture and you want to find a similar photo?  Have the picture on your computer or in the browser.  Go to Google and look up anything and then click the "Images" link.  Then click and drag your photo up to the Google search area and drop it.  I tried a picture of my house and it found similar houses including my actual house from the real estate listing!   


Here is one with individual parts but you can limit it to just one or two items.  Try this search, "lyrics ‘imagine all the * for today’ " and on this one do not use the starting and ending parenthesis and change the singles to doubles.  First off, "lyrics" will just look for lyrics, obvious.  The quoted, "imaging all the * for today" will find all the lyrics for "Imagine."  The asterisk is a wild card and will find any characters in that section of text which are missing from your search.  So even if you do not know all the words you can still find things.

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