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July 22, 2014

Antivirus Needed?

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Last week’s column generated a very interesting email. We were discussing how your browser tries to protect you from sites that promote viruses and other sorts on nasty cyber-stuff. I told you how each browser attempts to notify you. The notifications vary anywhere from a small red lock to a full page warning.

I received a comment from someone stating if your browser is protecting you, then obviously there is no more need for antivirus software. That is NOT correct so please keep your antivirus application running and updated.


No antivirus spells problems.

You cannot be without antivirus software or your computer will end up in shambles. I have had a couple of readers write telling me they use no antivirus software and are perfectly secure. This is because they know how to stay safe. I am glad they are happy in their world but I, along with every other computer person in the world, disagree. They are very careful and think there is a conspiracy theory or something. It is not a conspiracy but more on that in a minute.

Think about this too. You purchased a $1,000 plus technical device. You are told to get antivirus software to guard you investment. Why not? Especially since there are excellent free apps available.

Stay safe online and read last week’s column if you have not done so already. You are your computer’s best antivirus protection. You can try and be safe which is helpful but an individual cannot keep up with all of the viruses and tricks rolling out from day-to-day.

Let us go back to my conspiracy comment before. It has been said by many that computer viruses are created and designed by the antivirus companies. I will agree that could be possible but why would they go to the trouble? I have read there are between 82,000 and 315,000 new malicious files every day. The number varies since many of the sources search for different categories of files. Some are left out by one group and some are over reported from others. Either number is daunting. Why would the companies need to create them on purpose? It does not make sense.

I read several years ago that the average virus creator was a 16 to 28 year old male either in school or unemployed. They did it for the reputation, fun and to cause you problems. However, today that has changed. They are now created by criminals, sometimes the hardcore ones. They want your information, your accounts, your passwords and everything else about you. They get that info in order to steal from you and cause you problems. Always install antivirus software on your computer and check a couple of times a week (if you use your computer regularly) to make sure it is updated.

Last week I mentioned downloading software from safe, known sites. Keep in mind, once you download the application you should still right click on the downloaded file and choose to scan it for a virus. Extra precautions may feel like timewasters; however, they could also be money savers.

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