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March 17, 2014

2014-03-17 WSVA Show Notes

Welcome back to another list of the items we talked about during today’s show.  Also, listen here and get the latest podcast of the show today.

Thanks, have fun and make comments about what we do.

First, here are a couple of links we talked about that you may want to use during inclement weather.

Tech News

iPad Mini tops list of most breakable gadgets
In addition to its ease of breaking, the iPad Mini is also the most difficult gadget to repair according to a new study.

iPad Mini owners may want to think twice before using Apple’s small-sized slate without a protective case. A new study has crowned the iOS-powered tablet as the most easily broken gadget when compared against other mobile devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad Air and Moto X.

Gadget insurer SquareTrade Europe conducted an unscientific study in which a variety of handsets and tablets were dropped from great heights and dunked in water. Each device was given a breakability score after going through stress tests intended to mimic accidents that could occur in everyday life.

How much did cost?
A conservative figure would be $70 million. A more modest figure would be $125 million to $150 million. Or one could embrace the entire project, as outlined by GAO, and declare that it is at least $350 million.

Ron’s Android App Recommendation
(This app can be found on Google Play from your Android phone,
tablet or viewed on your PC from the link below.)
Google Keep

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and be reminded at the right place or time. Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it. Everything you add is instantly available on all your devices – desktop and mobile.

    With Google Keep you can:

  • Keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos
  • Add reminders to important notes and be reminded through Google Now
  • Have voice notes transcribed automatically
  • Use widgets to capture thoughts quickly
  • Color-code your notes to help find them later
  • Swipe to archive things you no longer need
  • Turn a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes
  • Use your notes from anywhere – they are safely stored in the cloud and available on the web at

And Ron’s favorite, get items to pop up when you are near a specific area or time.

How Secure is My Password
This site could be stealing your password…it’s not, but it easily could be. Be careful where you type your password.

One that Ron uses is rated at 40,000 years to crack.

Email Future Me
Write an email to yourself to be delieverd to you in a month, year, whenever.

Why you ask? I have no idea but here it is. You must reply back to the set up to make sure it is you, so you can’t send them to someone other than you.

See you next month and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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