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August 6, 2013

Oops, One of Them Even Got Me

I read online about an interesting application a couple of weeks ago and thought I would try it out to see how it works.  If it was a good one I would recommend it to you.  I always test programs like this in two ways.

First, I install a "test" application with all the default options.  Then I check out the application and see what it does.  If it installs any unneeded browser toolbars, hidden programs, etc. I uninstall it along with all of the unneeded components and then reinstall it in the "choose what you want to install" (my words) version.  If the application is good I write about it and recommend it to you.

This particular program is called Bgcall with "Bg" referring to "Back ground" and "call" for the ability to call different wallpapers.  Basically it allows you to set up a group of wallpapers which you can cycle through on your desktop.  It keeps you from getting bored with the same old picture day-after-day.  Here is a warning, a big one.  DO NOT Google for "bgcall" but go directly to the home site if you want to try it out,  I Googled for it the first time and got an imitation, but more on that in a minute.

The program is OK but nothing to boast about.  It has a few good features but in my opinion the Windows 7 default "Personalization" for wallpaper works much better.     If I had not had gotten bitten by its doppelganger I would not have written about it today.  Make sure you use the link I provided above if you wish to give it a go.  Now read on about my experiences.

I searched for "bgcall wallpaper" on Google and got the tremendous number of links you usually do.  I picked the one that looked correct and downloaded it from a respectable source.

I ran the install in "recommended" mode.  It took a lot longer to install than I would have suspected from the info I had on its abilities but I continued on.

After the install I had several new browser toolbars, four new unwanted applications dealing with graphic editing and thought it was done.  I ran the original application and it worked OK (keep in mind it was quite different than the real Bgcall from the first link).

I then set about uninstalling it to reinstall it when out of the blue Norton Antivirus software popped up on my computer.  This happened several minutes after my original install.  I have nothing against Norton, but I use another application for that.  I went and looked and found that it was also installed in the background.  It took me almost twenty minutes to uninstall all of the junk that was put on my system.   I carried on with another install but in the SAFE mode where I tell it what can and cannot be installed.  When finished it still installed a couple of unwanted features and Norton again.  At least this time I knew what to get rid of quickly.  I also ran Spybot and Security Essentials on my computer to make sure all was well and it was.

I am sure you are glad to know there are idiots like me out there testing this junk for you…and spending way too much time doing so, at least this time.

Always be careful online!

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