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June 4, 2013


Your computer continues to start up slower than you remember it doing when you bought it.  You may have already run Disk Cleanup, Error-checking and Defragmentation but things still frustrate you about its operation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some "anti-frustration" software on your side?

Well, there is!  Soluto has been available for several years and I was fortunate enough to have gotten in at the beginning.  And yes, as if you had to ask; it is free. 

Soluto simply monitors your computer’s start up boot sequence and suggests ways to speed it up.  It also comes with a few other neat features.  Your computer may already run pretty fast as mine did but as you will see below it still sped my computer up.  Some people have reported going from more than seven to less than two minutes to boot their computers

After the Soluto install is complete (which can take five or ten minutes depending on your internet connection and computer speed) a browser window will open that says, "The PCs info is on its way…"  This indicates that the application is just about finished installing and it is gathering info about your computer.  When that is done the browser will display information about your computer, including any applications you have that need to be updated.  I suggest that you should always install the latest apps when you can.  It will give you a better program and more security.  You can choose to install all of those programs at once or individually.  I just installed Soluto on a relatively new computer and it found four applications needing updates.  How cool is that? 

imageIt will also give you information about Apps that have "frustrated you" by messing up even if you did not realize they had, information about your internet browser, your antivirus and windows updates and it will list out a lot of helpful info about your hardware.    

The part I like best is what Soluto does after you reboot your computer.  I suggest you do this when Soluto "tells" you to after your recommended installations are finished.

Once rebooted the software will give you a graphic of all the programs that start in the background, some of which you may have no idea are even there.  They are then rated as to those you cannot remove from the boot, those you may not want to remove from the boot sequence and the "no-brainers" which should be removed.  It gives you details on each program so that you can decide what to do.  It even gives you the percentage of other users who choose to get the program out of the boot process.

On my notebook it advised me that it took 2:40 to complete the start up with 82 programs starting.  The number one, no-brainer it suggested removing was Snagit (  When I hover over the advice window it tells me what Snagit does and that I could choose to either delay or pause it.  If delayed, the program will start up after everything else is finished starting on your computer.  If paused, a program will only start when I manually start the program. 

I ended up removing all but one of the "no-brainers" and several others that were suggested.  My computer now boots in 1:53 minutes with only 67 applications running.

If your computer hangs up or frustrates you while Soluto is running you can right click on its icon and choose, "My PC just frustrated me."  It will then see if it can figure out what bugged you, look for a fix and send that info to the Soluto database to be used to help others.

Soluto is always improving and coming up with new ways to make your computer life easier. 

After you have rebooted a few times you may want to hide the Soluto graphics from showing on your desktop.  If so, right click on the Soluto select Advanced, Show Readiness Monitor, Never Show.

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