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October 2, 2012

Angry Birds Now Bad Piggies…What Is This World Coming To?

imageBack in December, 2009 a Finnish company appeared on the scene named, "Rovio Entertainment."  Almost 23 seconds after that, a new game made by Rovio called, "Angry Birds" appeared.  Of course, the only thing I disliked about the game was that it came out only on Apple iPhones.  But that was "corrected" about a year later, after somewhere around 12 million copies had been sold or given away for the Apple version alone. 

If you have not at least heard of the "birds" game you must have been on an island somewhere with Gilligan.  It was touted in the news, entertainment, on shows, at water cooler conversations and most anywhere else mouths and ears were present.

At one time I read it was a great game for teaching Physics. Now come on, maybe physics in a psychedelic-1960s sort of way.  The game involves using a slingshot to launch different types of birds into impossible situations and locations in order to destroy all of the evil pigs who have stolen your eggs.  Yes, you are a bird.  As you move through the game you get new types of birds with special powers for aiding you in your murderous quest.

Now for the squeamish of you out there, it is really, really non-violent. (Yeah, figure that one out.)  I will have to admit it was just plain fun when I tried it out originally.  It remained fun for the first few weeks…like most games do for me.  Rovio must have figured out the boredom pattern and released several other related games in a timely manner.

Next appeared Angry Birds Rio, where you basically are in (you guessed it) somewhere resembling Rio de Janeiro.  You have a few different birds and many, many different locations as well as many angry monkeys but not many pigs.  I guess the pigs needed some recovery time.  I found this one to be interesting too and harder to finish than the original. 

After Rio, "Angry Birds Seasons" came out.  There is basically a game for most every holiday and "special" time in the world.  I found this one to be particularly boring.  I only played it for a very short time. 

The last for the birds was "Angry Birds Space" and you guessed it, the birds are in space.  In this game they not only deal with the physics mentioned before but also gravity or the lack thereof.  This one was fun.  I suggest you try all of them if you wish.

Prices range from free to less than $5 depending on the system for which you are getting the games.

imageNow, let’s get back to the pigs.  In just the past week or so the pigs have appeared in, "Mad Piggies!"  This game supposedly wants to explain the story from the point of view of the poor picked on pigs.  I have played it so far for maybe an hour or so.  I am not a fan yet.  This game takes more thought since you have to design a vehicle which is sort of like an advanced wagon.  This is then used for traveling over different terrains in order to get to each finish line.  As with all of the Rovio games the graphics are great.  I am just not a fan of having to think of ways to design a cart. You need to use a fan, wooden and rubber wheels, a bellows and a box of TNT for racing to a finish line.

All of these products have updates and additions from time to time so more levels are always coming.  Enjoy and let me know if you have tried any of these great "time-wasters."

(These games and more can be found at the
Google Play store for your Android devices.)

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