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January 10, 2012

2011 Sites in Review, Part 1

Thanks to all of you readers who support the "Double Click" column by reading and writing.  It is very much appreciated.  Please keep it up.  I always enjoy hearing from you.

So it is that time of year again when we review all of the sites I have mentioned over the previous year.  As always, have fun remembering, discovering, or rediscovering all the info!  If you prefer to click on links and not type all of these, visit the site and click away.

If the site addresses are too long to type I have shortened them using the, "" app which I have discussed before.  All of these sites should be free (or have a free version) unless marked "nf".  Without further ado…here they are in their order of appearance with short descriptions of each.

  • Open Office is a Microsoft Office clone that works almost as well.
  • Ubuntu a free operating system which you can run alongside of or instead of Microsoft Windows.
  • Ron’s video training I created a couple of videos for fun, it never went any further than these two…maybe one day.
  • Change your User Account Picture one specific Double Click training video.
  • VirtualBox an application that allows you to run multiple operating systems on one computer.
  • Open DNS the best app out there for blocking objectionable sites from the kids.  It is slightly complicated but at the top of the features pile.
  • Facebook you know about this one and if you don’t you won’t be interested.
  • Windows Live Essentials a free suite of applications which do many different things from Microsoft.
  • Create a Panorama an article I wrote for Microsoft about how to join individual pictures together to make a panoramic picture.
  • Double Clicks my site for this column.
  • eBay,,,, online tech stores, the sites are free but the stuff on them is nf.
  • Active KillDisk application to absolutely clean your disk of personal information and everything else.
  • True Crypt folder and/or file (and more) encryption software.
  • XOOM this is Motorola’s entrance into the PC Tablet market, it is a good one, but later in the year I show you the best (IMHO).
  •,,, 1Password are some of the password recording applications around, still I chose KeePass over the rest.
  • Open Wi-Fi leads to False Arrest an article showing why you should lock down your wi-fi network to stay out of jail.
  • Your Home Router ( or the IP Addresses that will most likely get you into your home router.
  • Nook Barnes & Noble’s ebook reader.
  • Project Gutenberg where you can download most any book that is not under copyright any longer.

OK, this took us through June, 2011.  Next week we will visit part 2 of last year’s links.

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