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December 6, 2011

Swyping and Talking

Today will be the first time I have used my Toshiba Thrive along with the Swype keyboard and the dictation apps to write the entire " Double Click" column.  From the beginning of this article on, except where I use the voice dictation app this is all written with Swype.  I am very sure it will contain typographical errors; however this is an experiment for you and me.  It may even give up (give us) a few laughs. 

FYI: Corrections appear in parenthesis.

4 (For) the following 2 paradisos (two paragraphs) I will only use the voice dictation part of the tablets (tablet’s)s software so I will state (start) speaking now.  t (stray letter)

Speak NowI am now dictating this paragraph (there should be a period here) but (we) will see if it works or not(.) facebook (For me this is an) extreme example of self control  (self-control) cos (because) I really want to type however it won’t let me type(.)  I have to speak (.) how (How) is it going so far (?) This is interesting (Interesting ) because when I was in school I got in trouble all the time in English class for creating run on sentences(.)  now (Now) I have this huge run on sentence.  wow (Wow!)  This will have to be fixed (.)

okay of sudden to get (OK, I have decided to dictate) 1 (one) more paragraph using the words.  Question mark, quote she’s the she’s (words, "period",  "question mark", "Quote", "apostrophe" and "parenthesis.") it (It) didn’t work very well last time is it (very well this last time, did it?)

Check out SwypeOK, at this point I am back to using Swype and feeling much better about it than dictation.  I am going to make a lodgement (judgment) call here and say that for, maybe, a quick sheet more ( short note) or email, the capacity to dictate may be fair.  However, to actual (actually) type something a little longer you need a better way to do so.  From what you’ve read here you can most likely guess my number one choice would be a regular computer keypad (keyboard.)  a (stray letter)

In my opinion, the dictation portion is poor to fair; Swype is good but not fantastic.  I could have gotten Swype to perform better had I taken a couple of extra second(s) to fix the errors and watched as I "typed".  Some of Swypes (Swype’s) errors could be attributed to my fatty (fat) fingers sliding to the wrong characters.  Please note:  Swype does get better with use add it land (as it learns) you’re(your) skills.  I also use Swype with my Android phone and it seems to work much better than this first time with my tablet; however, with my phone I usually type much shorter items with it.

The following sentence will be dictated, less (let’s) see how well it does.

in (In) the words of that famous gloucester for (philosopher) arnold (Arnold) schwarzenegger (Schwarzenegger, ) asta lavista baby ("Hasta la vista, baby.")

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