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July 26, 2011

God Mode

The column that was censored.

If you are one of my regular readers you realize that this column was not in the DNR today.  They contacted me before press time and said that they thought it was too advanced and could cause people to mess up their computers. 

All of these commands are available in the Control Panel anyway, the “God Mode” just allows you to access them in an easier more organized way.

So read on and give it a try if you like.


So here it is for you anyway.  Have fun with it…and don’t mess up your systems.

Microsoft has a great way, or at least traditional way from back in the beginnings of Windows to adjust your computers’ settings.  That way is named, the "Control Panel."  However, there is another way to access the Control Panel information and others more difficult to find.  This is called the "God Mode" and was also available in Windows Vista if you knew how to access that neat feature.

Windows 7  alleged, "God Mode" is actually a shortcut to accessing the operating system’s various control settings.  Reports vary as to how it works for Windows Vista.  The 32-bit version usually works and the 64-bit version does not.   However, I have never tried it in Vista so I cannot comment about personal experiences there.

The term "God Mode" comes from long ago in the history of video games. A player could use different "cheat codes" in a game to gain an unfair advantage over other players.  God Mode meant that the player could not be killed even without having earned available weapons.

First, to set up God Mode in Windows 7 (and Vista if you would like to try) is very easy.  (Click the screenshots at the end.)

  1. Copy the following text (without the quotes), "God-Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}".
  2. Next, create a new folder and name it by pasting in the text copied in step #1.
    1. If you wish to try it on your desktop all you need to do is right-click on your desktop wallpaper and choose, "New."  Then select "Folder" from the drop down list.

You will now have a folder with an icon for the Control Panel wherever you created the God-Mode.  By the way, if you wish to name it something else, just substitute the "God-Mode" at the beginning of the text with something like, "Total Control".

Once created all you do is double click on the new icon/folder and you will have access to 46 categories (from Action Center to Windows Update) which include (at this time) 282 items you may choose to adjust.  Be cautious since some of them bring about major change while others will hardly be noticed.  You can do simple things like adjusting your mouse or much more complicated procedures.  Proceed with those advanced features at your own risk.

There are other settings you can set up which are similar to this, "Trouble Shooting.{C58C4893-3BE0-4B45-ABB5-A63E4B8C8651}".  This is included in the God Mode.  Have fun, you bunch of newbie hackers.


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