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March 15, 2010

2010-03-15, WSVA Show Notes

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Get your own  Click to see moreUSB Laser Guided Missile Launcher so you can win your own office arms race!

Jim is going to get a couple of these for hosts that make mistakes (I better stay away).

imageAnother way to clean your computer’s keyboard in case of spills.  This article is a couple of years old from NPR but it still stands.

“Studies show that computer keyboards have more bacteria than toilet seats. But it’s hard to clean all those keys. So some people advocate an extreme solution: Throw your keyboard in your dishwasher.”

“At first glance, this seems insane. But the computer – keyboard – in – the – dishwasher advice is all over the Internet. And don’t we wish it were true? My keyboard is an old Hewlett Packard that’s encrusted with a kind of mysterious black grime. I thought, "Well, why not try my Kitchen Aid?’"

Also a couple of good free Anti-virus applications.

With a couple of warnings:

  1. Only install one anti-virus program on your computer.
    If you already have another MAKE SURE you completely uninstall it first.
  2. Only run one of these at a time too, with the possible exception of Microsoft’s Security Essentials which can run alongside of others…but do it at your own risk.
  3. The first two will steer you to the paid versions, so install the correct one.
  4. I have used them all with no ill effects; however, install any software at your own risk.  (i.e., don’t call me – I’ve warned you here.)

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