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February 16, 2010

Kill that Buzz!

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From Monday’s call about how to remove Buzz from Gmail, I received another resolution from a listener.  (Sorry I deleted the email and can’t remember show sent it…but you know who you are.)

I told the caller to first log into Gmail:

  1. Click Settings.  
  2. Go to the Labels link.
  3. Click the hide link, see below.

That’s it, now go back to your Gmail inbox and that’s all.


The listener who emailed me later in the day suggested that you could just remove Google Buzz, like this:

  1. Log into Gmail
  2. From the main screen look at the bottom and click the Turn off Buzz link.
  3. That’s it…
  4. However, I have read that Google may tie this in to other Gmail features so that when you cut Buzz of you could loose other functionality…which hasn’t happened at the time of this post. 
    (See the before and after pics below.)

Before you Turn Off Buzz

After Buzz is Turned Off

Personally I prefer, at this moment in time, to hide the link as described in the first instructions above.  But you can pick and use your own.

Also, either one can be turned back on or unhidden so you can try them both…just make sure if you Turn it off first you Turn it back on before you try to hide it.  If Buzz is off it will not appear in the links to be able to be hidden.

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